Great People Greatly Fights
Great People Greatly Fights

Great People Greatly Fights


Americans are great,
Still corona a threat.
Joe Biden appeals,
Please wear a mask at least.
Maintain social distancing,
It’s a good acting.
Several lives can be saved,
If you follow guideline’s steps.
Rest of the world would appreciate,
You will get more and more respect.
You are ancient democratic country!
Your behavior will affect another country.
Think of it….
What the poet want to say by this poem,
Just follow the instructions of covid-19
And appeals Joe Biden.
Whether you are older or teen!
Follow seriously the routine.
You are the only hope !
Only you can corona chop.
Wishing covid free America soon,
O’ Americans just you boom.



नवाब मंजूर

Written by:- 

Poet Md Manzoor Alam alias Nawab Manzoor
Email- [email protected]
Salempur Chapra Bihar.

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